Pharmaceutical industry, by its business model is focused on constant change and improvement in every field. The main reason for this, besides the competitive manner it is the need of being preferred in a constant changing field like human health.

This need of being preferred is very rich from producing to introduction. That is why, the training in the pharmaceutical industry can be portrayed in a wide range. For this reason, every trainer who has taken a part in this wide range is very valuable.

Furthermore, the training, which makes an impact on the pharmaceutical industry, needs a different specialty. Because the Medical Promotion Represent and District Manager’s, who are directly in the position of producing the result and mostly responsible for the publicity of the pharmaceutical sector, development is the most prioritized improvement field of the sector.

That is why the training that produces results in the pharmaceutical industry, needs changing specialties according to the training that has been given. If the subject is about a whole with medical content, it is important that someone who has medical training gives the training. On the other hand, for the trainings about the harmony of the publicity, a staff that is mostly assigned in the sector itself, experienced in publicity activity and someone who has the qualities of a trainer is needed for this kind of training.

With these grounded truths, how do we define the training that creates results in the pharmaceutical industry? What are the responsibilities for the trainers in this ever-changing industry? What can be done more about these changes?

The realities that pharmaceutical industry is living in shows that the trainings that creates solutions are far more important than in the past. Because it would be only possible to get harmonious with these drastically fast changes with the help of the human force that can understand these changes. That is why in the near future, the trainings that can create solutions in the pharmaceutical industry may be more important.

The responsibility of being trainers of the effective solution creating can be identified as, is moving away from the traditional methods and to create trainings that can cause behavior changes in a short amount of time and also prepare them for the “reality of the field”.

For doing more in the training field, it is important to support information learning process with the distance education. Furthermore forming the skill focused trainings to the expectation of the medical professionals that have been introduced to is essential.

In these sense, the differences that have been being made in the context in the trainings, could provide serious opportunities. Instead of the traditional concept of “questioning the need” using “learning expectations”, as opposed to when thinking about objection relativity “meeting the objections” “always emphatic communication”, contrary to “debate skills” showing “harmonization tips”, rather than “asking for prescription” “showing opportunities of the choice” can come first in the fields that needs change.

Of course for all of these to come to life, the decision makers should support trainings and trainers in today’s condition is an inevitable truth.

In pharmaceutical industry the training that produces solutions should not be identified as “sales trainings”! In pharmaceutical industry the so-called sales notion is relative. The pharmaceutical industry trainer is not someone who is there to raise the “sales” which is the traditional word for the industry but there to increase the continuity of the changes and the publicity activity.


İskender Eser
Mill Danışmanlık